Your Challenges...our Expertise

Getting your phone to ring is one of the highest costs of doing business...but what happens to your investment then?

Listening to every call that comes into your business is a time consuming activity. However, it is the most effective way to know how and where leads are generated. It allows you to gauge how your staff handles leads and find out if they are losing opportunities from prospective customers.

Most sales and business development managers do not have time to listen to every call. Echo's call monitoring and evaluation system handles this business challenge for you by utilizing third party customer service professionals to monitor and review your incoming sales calls.

Each call is reviewed within a two-hour period. Echo will then report on how each call was handled and suggest if immediate action is needed or if an opportunity was missed.

Our Solution
Echo's system provides an easy to use, time saving solution for your staff to communicate with callers who are potential revenue opportunities. Call evaluation tells you how each call was handled or mishandled and provides detailed notes on each call.

Echo works with any call and campaign management company that your business may use such as Who's Calling, Call Source or Call Bright, or provide you with our exclusive business recording service! (FREE 10 day trial)

See results!
  • Increase sales and revenue by gaining insight on your prospective customers and their needs
  • Maximize your staff's selling time by giving them more time to sell
  • Increase accountability of your staff's performance, allowing you to focus on their specific needs including coaching and training
  • Discover what type of marketing efforts work for your business so you can make informed marketing and advertising decisions